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Nano Silver colloidal silver is a unique combination that no other manufacturer can match: Nano Silver contains 98% actively charged silver nano particles (positively charged [Ag+] silver particles), which renders it at least 51 times more powerful than other brands on the market. Nano Silver's unprecedented average particle size of .001 allows for easy utilization by the cells and body. That's why even with a low concentration of 20 ppm (parts per million), Nano Silver ultra small particle size results in a more effective product than some brands that boast hundreds of ppm! NanoSilver is formulated to be safe for the whole family when used as directed. Taken 1-2 table spoons a day for 25 years, NanoSilver still falls below the EPA daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (RfD). NanoSilver has only 2 ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade purified water and .9999 FINE (99.99%) pure silver particles in nano form. It does not contain added silver compounds (silver salts or proteins) that render other silver products ineffective and possibly dangerous. Nano silver does have a metallic taste to it because it is real colloidal silver. If you buy colloidal silver and it has no taste to it then it's not colloidal silver. Nano Silver 80% colloidal silver and 20% ionic making it the best of both worlds Nano Silver is guaranteed to be pure, potent, safe, effective, and free of additives. Your satisfaction is also 100% guaranteed!

Nano Silver 64 ounces 20 ppm

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